August 1, - August 31, 2020

BAMBDFEST:2020 is a multi-day virtual festival in celebration of the Black Arts Movement Business District and Black arts, culture, and economics in Oakland, CA. The month-long festival in August 2020 is being produced by the Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc. in collaboration with BAMBD, CDC, and The Flight Deck. The work is funded by a Creative California Communities grant from the California Arts Council and is under the artistic direction of Dr. Ayodele Nzinga. The Festival will consist of performances by theater artists, musicians, dancers, comics, poets, youth groups and town legends.  It will feature an eclectic mix of free and paid arts events, gallery installations, ways to support virtual vendors, virtual public symposiums, and more that showcase the best of Oakland's vibrant artistry. The festival will engage Oakland artists,  businesses, and the public in a massive celebration of Oakland, and the history and importance of the rich contributions of The Black Arts Movement to the State of California and the world beyond. This festival has become a series of virtual events. If we are able in August to bring parts of it to you live we will. We are responding to events as they unfold and will take advantage of this moment to increase our online presence, offer resources, and  continue to be of service to community.

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