Our goals include but are not limited to proactively working to help provide solutions to displacement by:

Supporting the repurposing of, and life trusting/deed restricting property controlled but unused or underutilized by the city.

 By engaging in partnerships with developers that are willing to participate in the creation of inclusionary, workforce, and or affordable housing, by negotiating community benefits agreements.

 To advocate for fair and equitable investment from those who seek to develop privately or on city-owned property and profit from their presence within the district.

To support organizing to purchase, land trust/deed restrict, existing property within the footprint and encouraging organizing to build within the footprint.

Leading the organizing of civic engagement to influence current and future public policy that affects housing for the city’s endangered communities.

This goal is to be built out under the pillar of housing by community input, consensus, and engagement and guided by the values of equity, service, and inclusion.

Arts and Culture

To support the creation of a culturally informed Art's district that allows for the proliferation and sustaining of Black artist, Black businesses, and culturally informed retail.

To support and advocate for arts programming.

To advocate for equitable city support of Black artists and cultural workers. 
To support strategic planning to build economic gain, support professional development, and intentionally plan for growth and offering ever-increasing opportunity.

Support cultural workers organized for the public good to address systemic issues that impact the quality of life for all Oakland residents.

To support the creation of processes, art, cultural spaces, and other situations that seek to directly address the sources of collective trauma, societal divides, and barriers to equity by positively framing the Black experience.


To create an environment that amplifies opportunity for artists, creative venues, business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, and attracts continued investment from public and private spheres that aims to be sustainable economically and aspires to market rate competition. Where necessary we will organize to create the systems, proactively advocate, seek public engagement and participate in the crafting of policy that will enable the goals expressed herein.
This goal engages the values of service, inclusion, and equity. This goal and the goal preceding it serves our understanding that, livity begins with the security of human essentials and the economic wherewithal to sustain them.

Creation and Maintenance of an
online cultural archive

Collection of data, research, intellectual capital, for archival, to make the work accessible to the community and as a resource for research. 

To create, maintain, cultivate spaces of intellectual proliferation and dissemination of collective knowledge.

To support the creation of community-driven think tanks, research centers, support for policymakers, the collection of data, statistics, and other means of assessment rubrics to inform strategies to enable our thriving and continued growth.

This work will strengthen the collective address of common issues rooted in current policy, civic neglect, or systemic injustice, and serve to compile a collective body of knowledge that advises, educates and informs the public sphere locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Increased access to culturally appropriate
vital human services.

Create interfaces that encourage community services that address the disproportionate suffering from a constellation of threats which include but are not limited to;

  • Violence (both interpersonal and systemic),
  • Cyclical trauma,
  • Endemic poverty and income disparity
  • Affordable medical care,
  • Accessible mental health services,
  • Competent, affordable legal services,
  • Financial services, 
  • Culturally informed advocacy in places of power,
  • Culturally sensitive educational support, and other essential services that impact the quality of life in marginalized communities.

To support structures of collective service by advocating for space and offering a mechanism for organization and implementation of wellness and knowledge centers.In approaching our mission through these pillars, we seek to comprehensively address and alleviate an array of systemic challenges to the flourishing of Oakland's Black communities.

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